What we do and what you can expect from our service

My Support Connection provides Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination services for participants with funded support coordination included in their NDIS plan. 

My Support Connection will provide you with the following assistance:

  • Support you to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan and link you to community, mainstream and other government services.
  • Work with you  to assess and choose your preferred providers, negotiate the services to be provided and their prices, support you to negotiate the service agreements and to create service bookings with your preferred providers, liaise with the  plan manager (if used)  to establish the appropriate claim categories and attribute the correct amount of funds and also help out if you have a complaint or an issue to resolve.
  • To support you to make the most of your NDIS plan. Working creatively with you to get the most out of your funded supports. 
  • We will focus on supporting you to build your confidence and skills to take control of the way you live your life. We feel the way to know if we have succeeded is when we have done ourselves out of a job and you do not need us anymore.
  • We will write the report required by the NDIS and help you prepare for your annual plan review.

My Support Connection uses simple, easy to follow steps that will mean you are more confident about what the NDIS is designed to do, how it can work best for you and most importantly to get your NDIS plan up and running.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your Support Coordination needs please complete an enquiry form or call Pat on 0457 525 075.

You need to be aware that My Support Connection is not a crisis response service. Below are some telephone numbers which you might find useful.  As these numbers are most commonly used in an emergency, you might want to take a minute to key into your mobile phone the numbers you feel would be of help to you for future resource.

Emergency and Crisis phone numbers, helplines and Advocacy services.