We have developed this list of interesting and helpful information as we researched and improved our understanding of the National Disability Insurance Agency’s policies and practices regarding NDIS plans.

Some of the information may not be relevant to your personal circumstances. You may find the information helpful as you implement your plan and prepare for your plan review meeting.

  • You can only use a support coordinator to help you with your NDIS plan if this is an item in your plan – double check your plan
  • If you don’t have support coordination named in your plan and you think you need this service, contact your Local Area Coordinator and discuss this with them
  • You cannot carry over any unspent funds to the next plan
  • Line items in the Core section of your plan are flexible and can be used interchangeably
  • Line items in the Capacity Building section of your plan must only be used on the categories funded – there is no flexibility in this section
  • If your NDIS plan is managed through a plan manager (financial intermediary), this service provider must give you a monthly statement of your expenses, including all fees and charges associated with your plan
  • Maintaining your informal networks is very important.  If you have informal networks providing you with some level of support, consider developing a roster so that your paid and unpaid supports don’t clash
  • Support Coordinators must be independent.  They should not have a conflict of interest on what is best for you versus an agency that employs them
  • In preparing for your plan review meeting which will happen prior to your current plan finishing, start gathering updated reports such as those provided by your specialists/therapists and develop a lived experience statement

Emergency and Crisis phone numbers, helplines and Advocacy services.