FASD Awareness Day

Today is International FASD Awareness Day, the ninth of the ninth highlighting the importance of staying alcohol free throughout the nine months of pregnancy. This awareness campaign gives voice and support to those affected by prenatal alcohol exposure and encourages the sharing of prevention messages.

NOFASD Australia has created a range of resources which are available to any organisation or individual who would like to host an event during FASD Awareness Month this September. Please contact us to request a pack of free resources. Electronic resources are also available to download.

NOFASD has joined the Red Shoes Rock movement which was started by RJ Formanek, an adult with FASD, and is a fun and visible way to start conversations about FASD.

Coronavirus considerations

We are living in a time of uncertainty, with no way to predict where the next COVID-19 outbreak may occur. Please consider the risk factors and restrictions in your state and community before hosting a face to face event.

Please be assured that NOFASD will never ask you to put yourself or your community at risk. If you receive a resource pack, then experience an increase in COVID-19 risk in your community, please save the resources for next year or postpone the event until it is safe to proceed.

You may choose to host an online FASD Awareness event. Our Information Pack provides ideas. You could download and distribute FASD Fact Sheetsplay a webinar, provide an online presentation using our FASD 101 PowerPoint slides, or play a documentary such this 20 minute New Zealand documentary or this Australian episode of 60 minutes. NOFASD Australia also has posters which could be used as a Zoom background for an online meeting or event.
If you need resources to manage the challenges of COVID-19 please see our coronavirus resource blogs and feel free to call the NOFASD Australia helpline on 1800 860 613.

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